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About Us

Hello, friends, the world is surrounded by thousands of questions. Come on. Every day thousands of questions arise in the mind of every person in the world. Due to the busyness of time, those questions are lost. Sometimes it would also happen that we hesitate to ask those questions to anyone. Or is it also that everyone can not give the right answer to our questions? Because the person giving the correct answer to that question is far away from us in any other corner of the world. And we can not reach that person. In the end it happens that the precious questions are lost in our mind only.

QOURA.IN is a place that makes it easier for every person sitting in any corner of the world to get an answer to any question. Because QOURA.IN works to add to all of us. QOURA.IN will answer not only QOURA's team but also give you all the experts who really know that question. In this way accurate and accurate information is easily accessible to every needy person.

The whole team of "QOURA" together with everyone believes in the simplicity. Here, your little dear ones are considered completely valuable. And with great curiosity, we welcome your questions.

Saving your questions to the expert person, and putting them together with those experts, this is our only purpose. We are like a family at QOURA.IN, where you all will be treated as a family member. But do not embarrass us or your QOURA family by asking inappropriate and obscene questions. Here is the member of the QOURA family, older than you and all of you young people. Please respect them.


Thank you


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Hi! My name is Dinesh. Currently working as Lecturer in (RTMNU). I am 31+ and I live in Nagpur which is the sub-capital of Maharashtra. Basically my study background is related to Arts that’s why I am interested in Arts, music, sports, Information technology and learn and share knowledge about World.