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Who We Are?
Anyang Ainuok is one leading Comprehensive company with own brand and after-service for projects related with mushroom cultivation equipment ,Waste mushroom substrate recycle machinery,company has passed the ISO9001 authentication , Standing on the international market. Our main products such as Crusher,Dryer,Mixer,Bag filling machine,PLC Bag filling production line,Charcoal Briquette and Pellet Production line etc.Agricultural Farm and Woodworking machinery.
We have a strong and agile team for purchase,tracking production, packing, delivery and after-sales, we have a dedicated team of specialists ready to serve for you.With our diverse product-line and expertise, we will help you make the right decision.

What We Do?
Supplying Crusher ,Dryer,Mixer for prepare mushroom substrate for mushroom cultivation.
Offering Bagging machine for filling bag for growing mushroom.
Guiding for Recycle processing waste mushroom substrate ,make waste into value.
Production wood crusher,briquette press,carbonization furnace to made wood charcoal.
Why Us ?
We are a highly qualified team: our employees have wide experience in this business and therefore understand our clients' real needs, being able to generate solutions to fully satisfy them.
We are proactive and we offer only products complying with top standards of quality and warranty.
Our passion is Client Service: We work to exceed our clients' expectations with superior after sale service. We are focused on mushroom bagging machine,pellet fuel and pellet making equipments: This allows us to be specialists, to be always aware of the latest innovations and offer the best solutions. Moreover, both industries are complementing each other and we are able to supply combined solutions, providing an integral service for our clients.
We achieve economies of scale: Our wide client portfolio allows us to minimize production costs. This and our experience in the market allows us to offer the best commercial conditions for our clients.
We have very attractive prices. Contact us for further information and you will be surprised of the significant savings that your company can achieve by working with us.
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