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ODM motorcycle wiring harness
Product Name ODM motorcycle wiring harness
Product Attributes vehicle model /
Specification Customized cable
Application odm wiring harness
Material PVC Copper PBT Fabric
Package Catoon package with our label
Current rating 25A
Voltage rating 220V
Working Temperature Range -20℃-+110℃
Production process Cutting / Stripping   Wire
Crimping Terminals
Inspecting(Crimpped terminal,Wire size)
Inspecting(Whether connector   assembly is in place,Whether the appearance is complete)
Inspecting( Conduction testing)
Inspecting(Manual testing)
Tie wire packing
Packing, labeling
Youye Electronics Co., LTD  is  one of the first batch enterprises to work on the design and production of vehicle wiring harness. In 2000, we obtained certificate of TS16949/ISO9001 and since then we started our formal cooperation with many big car factory.
Our biggest advantage is the excellent technical team of our company which helped solve many barriers when we moved forward. We pay great efford on our produciton and quality control which we belive will make us one of the top-level enterprise in the world. We welcome every client’s enquiry and suggestion on design, we learn from each other to make our products top-level in the world.
Warranty Policy:
1. All products will have been 100% strictly tested again and again in workshop before packing.
2. All products will be well packed before shipping.
3. 12 month warranty for all of products after the ship date Customized Motorcycle Wiring Harness

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