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grass pellet mill
pellet mill, also known as a pellet press, is a type of mill or machine press used to create pellets from powdered material. Pellet mills are unlike grinding mills, in that they combine small materials into a larger, homogeneous mass, rather than break large materials into smaller pieces.
Pelletizing or making pellets is the process of using organic material such as corn stalks, corn cobs, grass, leaves, bean stubble, switch grass, straw, dry distillers grain (DDG), seed hulls, alfalfa, cardboard, saw dust and paper and putting them through a pellet mill to form pellets. These pellets are then used for burning as fuel in pellet stoves or furnaces or used as animal feed and animal bedding. There are multiple uses for pellets.
1.Biomass pellet machine , also known as rice husk pellet mill, sawdust pellet mill,saw powder pellet mill, which can make rice husk into granular.
2.There are two kinds of biomass pellet machine . One is efficient centrifugal pellet mill, the other is flat die pellet mill. The first one is mainly designed for agriculture waste such as cron stalk, straw, wood and straw dust.
ModelDimensionMain powerRing die D.CapacityWeight
Detail of grass pellet mill  
NoManufacturerJingsu Kingwood Industrial
1Model No.JWZL688
3Mainly motor200 KW
4Lubrication pump motor0.37KW
5Cutter motor3KW
6Cooling motor2.2KW
7TypeHorizontal ring die
8Dimension of machine3530-1580-2390mm
9Weight of machine9.5t/h
10Output pellets diameter4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,as you request
11Length of pellets1-10cm,as you request
12Pellets density1.0-1.4g/cm3
13Suitable materialsWood, Sawdust, Rice husk, EFB, Palm fiber, Sunflower husk, Stalk, Grass….
The production line of grass pellet mill :Biomass Pellet Mill Machine

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